Moran Prize 2017

The subject herself

Matching specs! She makes the painting look quite large when it isn't really.

Her one question - "why did you make my hair red?"


Moran Prize promo video

If you're quick and don't blink or you'll miss it, my work is featured at the very beginning.

Well hung

My modestly-sized artwork dwarfed by Dagmar Cyrulla's 'Highly Commended' huge self-portrait and Tim Storrier's even larger winning entry (out of shot) further left.

I take this placement to mean defacto third! Winking


Moran finalists 2017

A group shot of about half of the finalists prior to the announcement - those of us who were able to attend in person, so mostly the Sydney-based artists and a couple from Melbourne.

I'm the tall one at the back, basically just like every school class photo! Next to me is Tim Storrier in his suit and tie, who at this point knew he was to be awarded the prize but didn't reveal it so we were all still guessing which one of us it was going to be.



Selected as one of the 30 finalists! Out of a whopping 1,131 total entries submitted this year.

So my first ever public hanging will be as part of the exhibition of Moran Portrait Prize finalists at Juniper Hall in Paddington until December 17, and then various regional galleries in 2018.


I'm not sure if I see mine in this montage of all the entries arriving, but I'm sure it's there somewhere...


I received an email this morning to inform me that I've shortlisted as one of the 200 semi-finalists who now need to physically submit their paintings for final judging and closer scrutiny.

Up to this point they had been judging purely on the electronic (jpg) images submitted, now it's the real deal.

My 2017 Moran Prize entry

My first time entering the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. This is my entry.

I took a hint from Whistler and decided to paint my mother, with the only prop being her ever-present spectacles.


Charvin oil paint on Arches oil paper, 30" x 22" (76cm x 56cm).